Monday, September 6, 2010

Maiden Voyage: Mineapolis Duathlon Fun Course, Part One

So, in a fit of . . . insanity? inspiration? both? . . . about two months ago the Husband and I signed up for the Minneapolis Duathlon Fun Course. When I announced this to my friends on facebook, and admitted I would be running 1.5 miles, biking 12 miles, and running 1.5 miles, all in one morning, I was asked why this would be considered the "Fun" course.

A year ago, I would have asked the same question. Putting on spandex and sweating excessively for a couple hours at a time didn't seem like my idea of fun either.

But then I had the epiphany that I am a type-A, goal-oriented person in all other areas of my life. Give me a deadline, and I will make. things. happen. I realized that if I applied that focus to my physical fitness, I might actually become, you know, FIT. And so I began the search for sporting events that were (1) within reason, physically speaking, (2) within reason, geographically speaking, and (3) within reason, financially speaking.

Duathlons fit all three. I have a bike. I have feet. I like ambulating on both. How bad could this be?

As it turns out, not so bad.

The Husband was going to do it "with" me (read: at the same time as me, but finishing far ahead of me) but then had to go and break his fourth metatarsal, leaving me to do the course solo, but with the side benefit of having extraordinary race support.

So we arrived in Minneapolis the day before to pick up racing chips and check in to the hotel. Minneapolis, by the way, is a lovely, green, progressive city. Very walkable and bikeable (that is, if your foot isn't broken). We stayed at the Depot, which was at one time the train station for the Hiawatha Line running between Minneapolis and (wouldn't you know it) Milwaukee. The room was lovely. The net access, not so much. Luckily, there is a coffee house steps away from the front vestibule of the hotel. Sweet.

The night before, we found a Noodles and Company and I tucked into a salad, Tuscan whole wheat linguine with grilled chicken, and a glass of wine. And lots of water. I slept like a rock.

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