Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Five: Back in the Game Edition

(1) After a completely crazy December and January, culminating in a week of no exercise whatsoever, this week has been a relief. I've been kicking back, not working all that much, and getting back in the exercise groove.

(2) Speaking of the exercise groove, Sweetness and I are going snowshoeing this weekend. Two years ago we each got a set of Yukon Charlies with trekking poles at Costco and have gone whenever the accumulation and the kid schedule allows. Last year, it wasn't much, and so far this year it hasn't been either. But on Saturday we're headed out to Grant Park on the south side of Milwaukee -- nice wooded areas along Lake Michigan. Can't wait.

(3) Before the snowshoes, we're going to the Milwaukee Multisport Expo. (Yes, this is what we married people with children call a "date." If you add in Papa Murphy's pizza and a glass of wine, the statistical probabilities for Sweetness become very, very good, if you know what I mean. nudge, nudge). Anyhoo, I'm looking forward to finding all sorts of new gear tidbits to look at and drool over.

(4) Speaking of gear, I'm stoked about using my hydration pack and gel flask at my 8k in 3 weeks. The hydration pack has been indoor tested on the treadmill with excellent results. Yes, I'm sure I look like a complete doofus, and no, I really don't care.

(5) You may ask "Why on earth would you need gel for a five mile run?" And the answer will be this: about 30-40 minutes in to any run, I get cranky. Simple sugars help this problem immensely. And five miles takes me about 80 minutes, give or take a few. I plan to do the gel flask with one packet gel, diluted, and take half 30 minutes in and the other half 60 minutes in. I'm also going to be giving Nuun a try for electrolyte replacement, though my tough guy Army Ranger sergeant brother says Camelbak makes the best electrolyte tabs, and seeing as he's made it through 4 tours in Iraq and 60 days on the ground with just the pack on his back, I trust his judgment and I'll be trying that soon too.

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