Sunday, January 30, 2011

Milwaukee Multisport Expo 2011: Top Ten

Before snowshoeing, Sweetness and I had total fun at the Multisport Expo. Lots of race event organizers, vendors, and cool stuff to see, do, and buy. The top ten:

(10) The sweet little 6 month old baby at the TriWisconsin booth. Baby toes!

(9) Meeting the folks at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes booth. Am seriously eyeing their Headsweats visor for springtime running. Plus, what a great way to minister to athletes.

(8) The delightful lady plugging the MS 150 ride. We'd do it this year, but we're already booked that weekend. However, next year . . . .

(7) The "irunlikeagirl" tech tee I got for my daughter.

(6) Dirtygirl. Hmmmmm . . . . .

(5) I needed Moving Comfort sport bras in the next size down. The good people at Fleet Feet obliged, at half off, plus pitched in a gel pack for free. Sweet!

(4) The indoor bouncy house to entertain children, which is also used as part of the obstacle course for the Madison Mud Run. Sweetness and I briefly considered playing on it as part of his training for the Mud Run, then thought better of it.

(3) Watching grown men and women cycle to nowhere on trainers for an indoor time trial. Man, I love biking, but I'm not sure I love it that much.

(2) The cool pop up privacy tents the vendors were using as fitting rooms.

and . . .

(1) Watching my Sweetness pump out 20 push ups on a balance board in exchange for a free bag of Sport Beans.

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